Linux on an iMac G5

Making a dual-boot Mac OS X 10.4.11/Xubuntu 14.04

    1. Use DiskUtility to partition the 160GB drive into two 80 GB HFS+ partitions.  The second one is going to be deleted, but that’s what I did.
    2. Had to install 10.3 on the partition because that was the version that came with the machine.  The 10.4 disks from another iMac didn’t work.  The I found a version of 10.4 that would install and upgraded to 10.4.11.
    3. 10.4.11 can be made more useful by downloading 10.4-Fox browser and LibreOffice, both have PPC binaries.
    4. Follow the instructions for getting the linux installation files and copy them to the root:
      The main resource for finding the files for either netboot or live dvd images is here:
    5. Reboot into the open-firmware: hold down  cmd-option-o-f after the chime.  Then type in
           boot hd:3,yaboot

      where the number 3 depends on your partitioning. Use pdisk to find the partition number of the HFS+ partition where the Mac OS is.

    6. At this point you can type install and the installation should proceed.
    7. In order to read/write the HFS+ partition, make it unjournaled and then edit the uid of your linux user to correspond to that of mac
    8. In order to read/write the HFS+ partition, make it unjournaled and then edit the uid of your linux user to correspond to that of mac:
  • Finally got the os x files shared with the linux. First of all, when in the os x system, type

    in the terminal. In my case I got the the uid=501 and gid=501. Then boot into the linux system, login is as root, and use moduser to change the numbers

    moduser -u 501 -g 501 neilx

    The other thing I had to do was to make sure that the hfs+ volume was not journaled. (The little lock icons that the linux file manager showed on the directories indicated read-only.) In fact it was journaled and using the disk utility it was possible to make it unjournaled. The option was under the “File” menu. On some versions of diskutility, you have to hold down the “Option” key to disable journaling.